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The Mentee Process

Service delivery partners support the delivery of The Mentoring Partnership program. Currently, there are 15 service delivery partners that deliver the program within the Greater Toronto Area.

  • Individuals wishing to be considered for the program should visit one of the service delivery partner organizations closest to them.
  • The service delivery partners assess mentees based on the eligibility set for the program and their specific additional requirements. They may also suggest additional support that can prepare the individual to become more job ready.
  • Once a skilled immigrant has successfully completed the assessment, their profile is uploaded to a centralized database. The mentoring coach, who assessed their eligibility for the program, facilitates a match with a suitable mentor.
  • Matches between mentors and mentees are made according to shared occupation and industry. Other criteria considered for compatibility could include shared educational background and similar work experience.

Once a match is finalized:

  • Matched mentors and mentees attend an orientation session. This session prepares them for their respective roles in the mentoring relationship.
  • After the orientation sessions, mentors and mentees meet in person for the first time to agree upon the goals of the mentoring relationship and sign the partnership agreement. Some of the typical relationship goals that may be discussed at this stage are: Understanding workplace culture, self-marketing ideas, accreditations, establishing professional networks, identifying employment opportunities and setting job search strategies.
  • Mentors and mentees work together for a total of 24 hours over a period of four months. The Mentoring coach supports the mentor and mentee through these four months, providing advice, resources, communication and relationship support as necessary.
  • At the conclusion of the relationship, both mentors and mentees provide evaluative feedback.

Service delivery partner maps:

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