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The Mentor Process

Registration and matching

  • Professionals interested in volunteering as mentors register by completing an online registration form. After the application is reviewed by The Mentoring Partnership, a mentor’s profile is uploaded to a centralized database.
  • A mentoring coach from one of 15 service delivery partners contacts the mentor once they have identified a potential match, which is based on the industry and occupation of the mentor and mentee.
  • The mentoring coach reviews the mentee profile with the mentor and the mentor confirms the suitability of the match. This process typically take two to four weeks if there is a suitable match available.

Once a match is finalized:

  • Matched mentors and mentees attend an orientation session. This session prepares them for their respective roles in the mentoring relationship.
  • After the orientation session, mentors and mentees meet in person for the first time to agree upon the goals of the mentoring relationship and sign a simple partnership agreement. Some of the typical goals that may be discussed at this stage of the relationship are: understanding workplace culture, establishing professional networks, accreditation, identifying employment opportunities, setting job search strategies for their occupational area and self-marketing.
  • Mentors and mentees work together for a total of 24 hours over a period of four months. The mentoring coach supports the mentor and mentee through these four months, providing advice, resources, communication and relationship support as necessary.
  • At the conclusion of the mentoring relationship, both mentors and mentees provide evaluative feedback.

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