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Annual Recognition

On January 25, 2017, we recognized employer partners – leaders in mentor recruitment, and individual mentors for their outstanding achievements in mentoring in 2016.

Since 2004, The Mentoring Partnership has paired over 13,000 newcomers with mentors in their field in the Toronto region. The Mentoring Partnership’s success to date has been driven by its employer and service delivery partners.

Partners such as the University of Toronto and Seneca College, whose employees have mentored more than 100 immigrant professionals via the program.

KPMG Canada was recognised for providing mentors for 500 newcomers.

CIBC received special recognition for its efforts in matching 1,000 skilled immigrants with leaders in their chosen industries.

2016 Award winners

Leadership in mentor recruitment


CIBC are a great example of what partnering with The Mentoring Partnership can achieve. Their staff have been participating in the program since 2005 and they ran their first corporate mentoring cycle in 2010. They started with 35 matches and The Mentoring Partnership recognized them for making 100 matches in 2011 and 500 matches in 2014. This means they have matched 250 newcomer professionals with mentors in their field each year since then.

“At CIBC we believe diversity and inclusion enables our bank to better understand the needs of our diverse clients and build a strong, innovative, relationship oriented bank. CIBC’s participation in The Mentoring Partnership furthers our commitment to newcomers to Canada which remain a highly skilled, educated, largely untapped talent pool, and a powerful consumer base for our bank. Mentoring is a great way to understand the newcomer experience which ultimately improves the climate of inclusion in the workplace.”

Read CIBC’s story.

Special recognition for matching 500 skilled immigrants with mentors


KPMG International’s trademarks are the sole property of KPMG International and their use here does not imply auditing by or endorsement of KPMG International or any of its member firms.

Read KPMG’s story

Special recognition for matching 100 skilled immigrants with mentors 

Read their stories.

Mentors who have mentored ten or more skilled immigrants

10 x mentors are the superstars who keep coming back to mentoring.

Each have their own motivation for mentoring again and again. Some have been immigrants themselves. Some see it as part of being a leader in their profession. All share a deep energy and commitment for giving back to their profession and making a difference in the lives of others.

The following people reached their tenth mentoring partnership in 2016:

  • Nick Reid
  • Saleem Khan
  • Vimla Menezes

Mentees who have become mentors

The mentees who become mentors are in the perfect position to help new immigrants. They have a first-hand understanding of the challenges with that first Canadian job search and have established their professional networks here in Canada.

“It is easy to become discouraged and lose hope when your job search does not bear fruit. The first thing I try to do is to help them get their confidence back and reassure them that they have something valuable to offer. I remind them about their past successes and achievements and encourage them to continue working hard to find that first job, the foot in the door.” Ovais Aziz, mentee to mentor.

  • Budhi Kharel
  • Garreth Dias
  • Ilya Gilin
  • Juan Guttierez
  • Khaled Souhani
  • Khushwant Sahota
  • Marmata Silwal
  • Marina Cin
  • Olumide Idowu
  • Ovais Aziz