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Employer Partners

Employer partners promote the mentoring opportunity internally to staff and identify suitable, qualified mentors. Since the launch of the program, over 50 organizations have offered The Mentoring Partnership to their staff as an opportunity to enhance their leadership and coaching competencies, and develop their cross-cultural skills.

How the organization benefits

  • Creates opportunities for professional development
  • Supports a culture of mentoring
  • Advances the diversity agenda
  • Makes a positive contribution to the community

The role of a corporate partner

Employer partnership generally involves: engaging employees/members to become mentors, marketing The Mentoring Partnership internally and hosting orientation events for their mentors and mentees. This may include:

  • Circulating mentoring materials to their employees/members
  • Encouraging employees or members to become mentors
  • Hosting on-site information sessions to recruit mentors
  • Hosting orientation sessions at the launch of each mentoring cycle, as well as  networking or training sessions, mentor recognition events or other mentoring events
  • Providing incentives to mentors (e.g. membership benefits, professional development credits, learning credits, performance evaluation value, lieu time, etc.)

Support for employer partners

The Mentoring Partnership makes every effort to ensure that internal marketing and recruitment needs of the program are met. The Mentoring Partnership delivers staff information sessions and provides materials that promote the program, including email templates, posters and promotional brochures.


Become an employer partner